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6 reasons for Healthcare companies to outsource IT
Reducing, controlling and optimizing operational costs
Ability to focus on core business and improve value added services
Gaining access to best practices and cutting-edge technologies
Delegating the support and development of the digital ecosystem to unload in-house resources
Engaging resources and rare tech talents for specific tasks without hiring them in-house
Ensuring HIPAA, ISO and IEC compliance by engaging savvy and experienced consultants
Electronic health/medical records (EHR/EMR)
Tracking, storing, updating and aggregating all the patient's medical information on a single platform saving time, eliminating manual errors and enabling sharing of patient's data throughout different healthcare facilities
Medical Practice Management Software
Managing daily operations, administrative units and clinical issues of medical practices: from appointments scheduling, insurance verification, billing and payment tracking, to staff, inventories and procedures management
IoT and Embedded Diagnostic Systems
Capturing and processing embedded and IoT devices, integration with EHR platforms and user-friendly interfaces, allowing to visualize, analyze and diagnose patients state, monitor progress and define treatment
Remote Patient Monitoring and Patient Portals
Enabling for continuous and precise tracking of disease or recovery progress, keep comprehensive records of the patients' well-being, allowing for doctors' remote support as well as efficient self-service through apps
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We help our clients in Healthcare and Life Sciences deliver high-tech solutions providing business model validation, market analysis, technological consulting, product design, development and staffing services

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delivered custom products
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We cover full cycle of custom product development

Product Design
& Idea Validation
Market analysis
Competitors analysis
Business model testing
Gap analysis
Product design
Visual & usability design
System Architecture
& Development
System Analysis & Design
Architecture & Data Security
Front & Backend development
Mobile Development
Embedded Development
Quality Assurance & DevOps
Business Growth
& Operational Services
Recruitment & Team extension
Help Desk setup & support
Localization into 70+ languages

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