How to launch a startup without stress

From an idea in your head to an app in the app store
Out of every 100 startups launched in 2014,
only 20 were alive in 2019
As a founder, you have to deal with a flood of different issues: from dealing with investors and building a development team to shaping the idea into specific features, validating them with the market, as well as testing your business and financial model, hiring the right people and dealing operations.

This is surely too much on one plate for one person.

We've talked to Mathieu Shepard, the founder of the PopDesk, to learn how he managed the challenges and got through the early stage of the startup development:

  • Where do startup ideas come from?
  • What is a PopDesk app?
  • Is there a market need for your product?
  • What is your product's killer feature?
  • What makes a tech startup successful?
  • Money and Time vs Value and Strategy
  • Who could be the right partner for startups?
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