Custom Software Development in Response to Operational Needs of the Legal Industry

We offer a wide range of technological services to foster your law practice

Customize and advance internal software to excel operations
You do not need to restructure your processes to fit into the functionality of the ready-made products any more. Instead, our team makes the technologies follow your requirements and fulfill them in the most efficient and unique way.

We design, develop and maintain proprietary digital ecosystems for law firms covering use cases in clients relations, HR, finances, docflow, case management, etc.

While you focus on clients and their needs.
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Provide additional technological support and consultancy to your clients
We have launched 500+ solutions for startups and Fortune 500 enterprises helping them to leverage the technology to their benefit.

We support M&As when smart and prompt software integration becomes vital for the joint businesses. We provide tech audit and advisory for the early-stage startups to ensure raising investments.

We help established corporations eliminate the outdated systems and stay ahead of competition with the cutting-edge solutions tailored to their challenges.
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Case Management
AI & Machine Learning
Blockchain & Smart Contracts
Contracts, Cases, Matters Processing
- Document Editing, Versioning Control and Merge
- eSignatures
- Intuitive Filing Systems
- Comprehensive Workflow Automation
- Internal and External Databases Search
- Docs and Related Data Import/Export/Sharing
- Correspondence Tracking and Storing
- Easy Access to Any Types of Files from Multiple Devices
- Progress Tracking and Smart Notifications
AI Tools to Accelerate Routine and Generate Insights
- Automated Contract Review and Errors Checkup
- In-depth Legal Research and Fast e-Discovery
- Litigation Outcome Forecasting
- Legal Analytics and Trends Revealing
- Document Automation, Generation and Comparison
- AI Tools to Analyze IP portfolios
Blockchain-Powered Applications to Boost Security
- Smart Contracts and Fractional Tokens as Payment
- Escrow Applications Based on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
- Blockchain-Enabled Litigation Funding
- Online Mediation and Dispute Resolution
Legal Practice Management
- Time Tracking & Billing
- Legal Services Catalogue Management
- Easy Quoting for Complex Services Provision
- Paperwork Management and Tracking
- Working Schedules, Tasks and Communication
- Salaries, Payroll, and Taxes
- CRM features
- Knowledge Databases
- Trainings and Staff Development
Law Firm Software Integrations
- e-Discovery
- Legal Research Databases
- Industry Specific Technologies
- Third Party Software Applications
- Streamlining the Informational Flow
- Integration of the Internal Solutions into a Unified Digital Ecosystem
We've accumulated an enormous knowledge database to help you build competitive advantages, disrupt industries and conquer the markets

We help our clients deliver high-tech solutions providing business model validation, market analysis, technological consulting, product design, development and staffing services

years on the market
professionals on the team
delivered custom products
global high-tech clients

We cover full cycle of custom product development

Product Design
& Idea Validation
Market analysis
Competitors analysis
Business model testing
Gap analysis
Product design
Visual & usability design
System Architecture
& Development
System Analysis & Design
Architecture & Data Security
Front & Backend development
Mobile Development
Embedded Development
Quality Assurance & DevOps
Business Growth
& Operational Services
Recruitment & Team extension
Help Desk setup & support
Localization into 70+ languages
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An online crowdsourcing and professional solution providing a data-driven approach to translation was built from scratch in 2009 by Smartling's co-founder and Archer's Software Architect.

After launch, Smartling has quickly gained a recognition by Dow Jones / Wall Street Journal's "FASTech 50" for being most innovative startup.

Recently, AI-powered translation software and services provider received a gold award for industry-leading Quality Confidence Score™ (QCS), a proprietary machine learning algorithm that aggregates data gathered from billions of translated words processed by Smartling's platform to predict and improve translation quality.

Over the last 10 years of partnership, we have increased the Smartling's team to 40 engineers developing and supporting infrastructure across multiple data centers serving more than a billion page views per month.

We provide 24/7 support ensuring 99.99% uptime and assisted achieving PCI Level 1 and SOC2 certificates.

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