Disruptive Outsourcing Is the New Black

What to look for in a development partner to hire the right one
78% of businesses all over the world feel positive about their outsourcing partners
Several years ago outsourcing was almost exclusively about reducing costs.

Nowadays, disruptive outsourcing is the efficient way to establish synergetic collaborations between experts in various spheres and drive innovation, enhance user experience, integrate cutting-edge technologies, accelerate speed-to-market and increase product performance.

While outsourcing still offers profound opportunities to use the limited budget wisely, more important is that these partnerships and flexible cooperation models transform the marketplace and create unique value.

We've talked to Etay Gafni, the CEO and founder of BrightAct about his partnership with Archer Software and what made it successful:

  • How to choose the right partner to deliver your software project?
  • Risks of outsourcing IT services
  • Reasons to outsource IT development
  • How to create a successful outsourcing partnership?
  • Relationships as a key to efficient outsourcing
  • Partner selection criteria: Focus, Expertise, Range of Services
  • Successful outsourcing examples: Bankaroo
  • Partner selection criteria: Transparency. Planning. Risks Mitigation
  • Successful outsourcing examples: EARN
  • Partner selection criteria: Methodology and approach to project management
  • Successful outsourcing examples: Mulesoft
  • What do you get working with outsourcing partners?
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